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The Joy of God

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating the unfathomable Joy of God in the fulfillment of His eternal plan of redemption.

Text: Luke 10:21-24
Date: 06/04/2023, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 107

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As Luke's discussion of the "sending of the seventy-two" draws to a close, Jesus launches into one of the most unique and revealing soliloquies in the Synoptic Gospels. Overflowing with joy, Jesus praises His Father for the wisdom and grace of His selective revelation according to His sovereign will. We will ponder the paradox that what seems to be a difficult doctrine for most Evangelicals to accept, is to God a source of infinite joy. Then Jesus reaffirms His preeminence by describing both the universality and exclusivity of His relationship with the Father. And finally He turns to His disciples to emphasize how blessed and privileged they are to have seen what they have seen. As we process these great principles we will stay true to Luke's emphasis by celebrating God's sovereignty in election rather than defending it. Ultimately we will consider the amazing privilege the preeminent Christ has afforded to those of us saved by His blood, to witness and benefit from the glorious and unfathomable Joy of God.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 10:21-24.
A. Context
1. Judgment for those who reject the Gospel.
2. The Book of Life, Luke 10:20.
B. The Joy of the Lord.
1. Rejoicing in Selective Revelation, vs. 21.
a. Luke's preface.
i. Noticing the chronology.
ii. Noticing the reference to the Trinity.
iii. Joy in the Holy Spirit.
1) An intense joy, 1Pet. 1:8.
2) The reason for the joy.
3) The joy of Providence.
b. An explosion of praise.
i. More than thanksgiving.
ii. The immanent, transcendent Father.
c. Selective revelation.
i. Understanding "these things".
ii. Identifying the comparative groups.
1) The "wise" and "understanding".
a) "The wise", James 3:15.
b) The "understanding".
2). The "little children", James 3:17.
iii. The comparative revelation.
1) Hidden from some, Isa. 6:10.
2) Revealed to others, 1Cor. 28-29.
iv. The pleasure of the Father, Isa. 57:15, Ezek. 18:23.
2. The preeminence of Christ, vs. 22.
a. Universality, Matt. 28:18, John 3:35, 13:3, 17:2.
b. Exclusivity, John 1:1-2, 6:44, 14:6, 5:18, 14:9.
c. Exclusive selective revelation, John 17:6-7.
3. The privilege of discipleship, vs. 23-24.
a. Blessed are the eyes that see, vs. 23.
b. The envy of prophets and kings, vs. 24, Heb. 11:13, Luke 2:26, 1Pet. 1:10-12.
III. Application, Zeph 3:14-17.
IV. Conclusion

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