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The Immoveable Feast

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning the Kingdom priority of pursuing Christ and His Word.

Text: Luke 10:38-42
Date: 06/18/2023, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 109

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When a lawyer asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life, Jesus prompted him to summarize the Law and the prophets and thereby establish the preeminence of loving God above all other endeavors. Luke then moves us fluidly to a profound illustration of this principle in the house of two sisters named Martha and Mary. Martha is trying to prepare a feast for Jesus and His entourage while Mary chooses to sit at His feet "feasting" on every word that He says. When Martha's frustration at Mary's perceived indolence boils over, Jesus lovingly rebukes her by pointing out that Mary's "feast" will "never move" but stay with her forever. We will analyze the deep significance of these words and how they relate to the priorities of the Christian life. Ultimately, we will realize why Mary has the "better portion" and why her feast on the Bread of Life is the eternally immoveable feast.

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I. Introduction, John 6:27.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 10:38-42.
A. Context
1. Looking backwards, Luke 10:25,27,37; Matt. 22:38,39.
2. Looking forward, Luke 9:51.
B. A lesson in Kingdom Priorities.
1. The setting, vs. 38-39.
a. A vague setting, vs. 38a.
i. A vague designation of time.
ii. An ambiguity in those present.
iii. An ambiguity in the location.
b. Introducing Martha, vs. 38b.
i. The lead hostess, John 11:5.
ii. Two technical points.
1) A textual anomaly.
2) A house of "peace", Luke 10:8-9; John 11:27.
c. Introducing Mary, vs. 39.
i. Scant details.
ii. A place for women, Gal. 3:28.
2. The distraction, vs. 40.
a. The storm brewing.
i. The scope of the preparations.
ii. Noticing the word "distracted".
b. The indiscretion.
i. Accusing Christ of not caring, John 11:27; Mark 4:38; Luke 8:25.
ii. Telling Christ what to do.
3. The voice of compassionate authority, vs. 41-42.
a. A loving rebuke, vs. 41.
b. Establishing priorities, vs. 42a.
i. What Jesus does not mean.
ii. The preeminence of the Logos.
b. The better portion, vs. 42b, James 2:26.
c. Mary's immoveable feast, vs. 42c.
III. Application
A. Not an exaltation of the contemplative life, James 1:22-24.
B. Establishing the preeminence of the Logos.
1. The importance of sanctification, John 17:17.
2. The process of sanctification, John 14:15, Luke 9:35.
IV. Conclusion

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