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The Church at Philippi

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Tracing the historical roots of the church at Philippi.

Text: Acts 15:36-16:40
Date: 07/02/2023, the Evening service.
Series: "Evenfall; Sunday Evening Worship" Part 2

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As we prepare to study the book of Philippians, I think it only appropriate that we learn something about the church at Philippi. First we will delve into the history of the city itself, so we can understand the kind of town Philippi was, and thereby the kind of people who lived there. We will then turn to the book of Acts to trace Paul's steps on his second missionary voyage and the vision that led to his first visit to Philippi. We will meet several of the initial members of the church, and the extraordinary circumstances that brought about their conversions. We will also meet one of its leaders who visited Paul in prison, bringing news of the church and prompting Paul to write this letter. In the process, we will develop a vivid picture of the nature of the church and its people. Ultimately we will set the groundwork to why many have called Paul's letter to the church at Philippi a "love letter".

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I. Overview
II. Exposition of the text, Acts 15:36-16:40.
A. A short history of Philippi.
B. The church at Philippi.
1. How the church was established.
a. Tracing the steps of Paul's second missionary voyage, vs. 15:36-16:10.
b. Meeting Lydia, the first convert, vs. 16:11-15.
c. The Philippian jailer, vs. 16:16-34.
i. The female fortune teller, vs. 16:16-24.
ii. The jailer's conversion, vs. 16:25-34.
iii. Why Paul and Silas left the city, vs. 16:35-39.
d. The church after Paul leaves, vs 16:40, Acts 20:5-6.
2. Epaphroditus and Paul's purpose in writing Philippians, Phil. 2:25-30.
III. Conclusion

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