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A Question of Impudence

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Understanding the simple but profound parable of the unexpected midnight guest.

Text: Luke 11:5-8
Date: 07/09/2023, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 112

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When a disciple asked Jesus how to pray in a way that would identify him as a disciple of Christ, Jesus responded with a concise 38-word prayer that suggested a much deeper and expansive language of prayer. The idea on the table going into the prayer was sanctification through the means of grace. The focus of the prayer was the glory of God and the furtherance of His Kingdom. Immediately after the prayer, Jesus tells a parable of an unexpected midnight guest, who created a dilemma for both his host and a sleeping friend next door. We will analyze this dilemma in relation to the key word of the parable which the ESV translates as "impudence". Is the man who makes the request impudent? Or would it be unthinkable impudence for the sleeping friend to refuse the request? Since the parable is about prayer and the One we pray to, we will ultimately recognize that the way we interpret this parable, as well as the way we pray, and indeed the way we live our Christians lives, will depend heavily on our view of God. And thereby come to see that our understanding of the way God hears and answers our prayers comes down to a question of "impudence".

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 11:5-8.
A. Context
B. The parable of the unexpected midnight guest, vs. 5-8.
1. Overview
a. A question expecting a negative answer.
b. The meaning of "impudence".
2. The "shameless disturbance", 5-6.
a. Framing the question.
b. Unpacking the request.
i. Assuming the location.
ii. The unexpected guest.
iii. A matter of hospitality.
iv. A matter of honor.
v. The subject of the request.
vi. Understanding "impudence".
c. Summarizing the request.
3. The answer from within, vs. 7.
a. An incredulous statement.
b. The statement that would NEVER be made.
c. A second dilemma
4. Interpreting the parable, vs. 8.
C. Interpretation
1. Keeping our perspective.
2. The danger of misinterpretation.
3. A simple conclusion.
III. Conclusion

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