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Help Please!

by Pastor Jephthe Lucien

True help is found only in Jesus the Son of God.

Text: Psa. 121:1-8
Date: 09/24/2023, the Combined service.

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Across all cultures and backgrounds, the need for assistance is an inherent and fundamental aspect of being human. Although the challenges faced by our generation may seem unique, the truth is that throughout the ages, from the time of King David in the Old Testament to the present, the profound need for assistance remains unchanged. David suggests that we look up when need real assistance.

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I. Introduction
II. Development
A. What David means by: “I lift up my eyes to the hills.”
B. 3 areas we might want to be assisted.
1. Spiritual
2. Emotional
3. Physical
C. 3 ways we get help from God.
1. Perfect experience
a. God is the maker, vs 2b.
b. Of heaven and earth.
2. Perfect surveillance, vs. 3.
3. Perfect assurance, vs. 7-8.
III. Conclusion: True help is found in Jesus.

Guest Preacher from Haiti Jephthe Lucien

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