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The Gospel Can Never Be Silenced!

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Paul reveals that even though he is in prison, the Gospel can never be silenced!

Text: Phil. 1:12-14
Date: 01/21/2024, the Evening service.
Series: "Evenfall; Sunday Evening Worship" Part 7

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After greeting the Philippians and revealing his prayer for them in the opening verses of his letter, Paul now begins to tell them how he is doing in prison. Even though he is chained to an elite Roman soldier around the clock, he reports that the Gospel is advancing. Far from being bitter about his circumstances he is delighted to be sharing the Good News about Jesus, even within the household and private police force of Caesar himself. We will realize that much of Paul's ability to rejoice in the midst of hardship is because his perspective is on the Gospel and Christ. Regardless of his comfort, if the Gospel is advancing he is joyful. And even though the evil powers of this world can imprison the evangelist-- they can never silence the Gospel!

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I. Introduction, John 12:1-11.
II. Exposition of the text, Phil. 1:12-14.
A. Context
B. Paul's prison ministry.
1. When suffering is profitable, vs. 12.
a. Responding to a concern.
b. Paul's situation, Acts 28:30-31.
c. Focus on the Gospel.
2. An unusual audience, vs. 13.
a. The imperial guard.
b. The anonymous group, Phil. 4:22.
c. The message.
3. Encouragement for the Roman saints, vs. 14.
a. A growing persecution of Christians.
b. The impact on the church.
III. Application, Psa. 2:1-5.
IV. Conclusion

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